Are you looking for housing in Barcelona?

Do not have time to visit flats?

Do you need help and advice?

Let us find for you!

Your flat hunter in Barcelona

Do you want to buy a home in Barcelona, but do not have time and need advice ? Count on our team of professionals to look for flats or houses for you in Barcelona.

Why hiring a Flat Hunter?

  • We do an extensive search according your preferences
  • We visit all properties for you
  • We advise you about the zones of Barcelona, distribution, qualities, financing.


“Tell me what you want, what really really want” During an interview, we will elaborate the essential characteristics of your flat or your ideal home.


We will select the announcements, visit the houses and we will check if they really meet your requirements.


Once we know that the apartment or the house meets with what you are looking for, we will organize a visit with you.


If there is a match, you are 3 steps away from being a happy owner. We will be by your side to help you with the paperwork for the downpayment, pre-agreement and contract.

No longer doubts! Let us search for you!

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