How do we work?

Your Flat Hunter follows a 4 step methodology to find your flat or your house in Barcelona



This first meeting is crucial to understand what you are looking for.
During an interview, we will talk about what you like and what you do not like so much. We will review the essentials, location, volumes, distribution, styles, etc …
We will bring a selection of ads that will serve as an example to narrow the criteria of the search.



We will seek your ideal home through our network of contacts, using online websites and local agencies that have hidden gems.
If a flat or a house is close to what you are looking for, we will go for you to see the property and check if it meets the requirements stipulated in the briefing.
If reforms are needed to achieve the perfect home, we will present an estimate of the cost of the works.



We do not want to waste your time. We will take you to see a flat or a house, only if we think you will really like it.
For flats that are not brand new, don’t forget to bring with you a little dose of imagination. We will be here to put you into situation and give you some ideas of works or just of painting.
If you notice some tickling … then we will have succeeded.



The flat or house always enters the marked budget, with a pre-negotiation made.
If the offer is accepted by the owner, it will be necessary to pay a deposit, sign a pre-agreement and then the final contract. We will collect all the necessary documentation for you to become a Barcelonian owner.