The big difference between a Flat Hunter and a real estate agent resides in which the Flat Hunter works exclusively in the interest of the buyer. Never for the seller like a classic real estate agent does. Meaning that, the Flat Hunter does not have a portfolio of homes available for sale. The Flat Hunter serves as an intermediary between the buyer and all real estate agents of the market, thus having access to 100% of the offer.

If this figure in Spain is still uncommon, Flat Hunter became a standard in large cities such as New York, London or Paris. We see that these cities share a profile of very similar buyers, who do not want to waste the little free time available; and also, on the other hand, they are cities in which the supply of housing requires to be very reactive.

Other professions were born from the lack of time of some of us, such as weeding planners, personal shoppers, concierges, etc … All have same the mission of saving time doing the work more time consuming and just leave the final decision to those who hire them.

In Barcelona, we are many professionals dedicated in advising our clients and find them the ideal home that will meet their expectations. The real estate market in Barcelona is very dynamic and we do not want our clients to pass by singular homes.

If you think about buying an apartment and you are looking for one from time without finding any, contact us. From Piso Shopper we like searching for the impossible, but, above all … To find it! As David Bowie sang … “We can be heroes, just for one day”.

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